A strong brand creates customer loyalty, but only if it can be recognized easily—anywhere. It can be hard to classify and categorize a brand to visual and execution standards without proper knowledge or guidance

Strategic thought needs to play a role building brand voice and visuals to ensuring cohesive and intentional brand creation. So whether you are starting from scratch or ready to refresh, we would love to partner with in on your journey. 

Services We Offer:

Brand Audit/Consultation
Let's take an audit of your current brand. Whats working well? What could be improved upon. Making sure that you are putting your best foot forward to your customers is the first step to creating loyalty. You will walk away with not on action items, but an action plan.

Brand Coaching
Need someone to ask as your brand sounding board? Don't know the right questions to ask? Ready for the next step in your brand journey, but don't know what that is or how to get there? Let's chat and figure it out together.

Brand Creation
Do you have a concept but can't put it paper? You have your brand idea, and you have a vision, but you need the tools and guidance to bring it to life. Let's work together to create your brand logo and business card to give you the building blocks of your brand. We can even talk a little business strategy to start making bigger moves.   

Brand Concept and Creation
Whats in a brand? You have a great idea, but have no clue were to start the branding process. Let me partner with you to build something awesome. We'll go over how your brand should look, feel and sound for you and your audience. We can also explore a few topics of your choice, social media, marketing, content planning. Customized Website consultation or creation can be added as well.

From scratch, reset, or quick fix, we can work with you on your website to make sure you are delivering content to customers in both a creative and effective way. Want to add e-commerce to the mix, we can do that too.

Freelance Creative Services
Have a creative job that needs attention? Creative direction, art direction, web design, print design, layout design, production work, email design, template design, custom illustrations, UX or IA work, creative process creation/management? Let's talk about how we can help you for both short and long term contracts.